Wine Shipping

You know what grinds our gears? Shipping.  Surprising, I know, coming from an online wine store.  Rob and I actually love it, but we have seen some things out there that we really don’t like.  We’ve done a ton of research for the last year as far as online wine shopping goes.  First, you’re overpaying on shipping. Second, it can get pretty inconvenient waiting for your wine to show up. Based on the responses from the survey you completed we know shipping and convenience are a big deal.

Rob and I won’t lie, shipping wine is expensive.  A typical case can weigh from 30 to 35 lbs and require extra costs to ship beyond that.  That said, we’ve noticed consistently retailers marking prices up beyond what shipping costs actually are, and it’s not quite honest.  If you don’t believe us, go through a few orders if you can… we’ve done over 50 trials with different retailers testing it out and over 80% of the time, there are hidden costs that jack up the price.  Here’s an example of a typical Internet Sale: $8.00 per bottle = $96.00 per case as advertised but upon check out another $34.00 is added for shipping bringing the total to $130.00 or $10.83 per bottle.Our philosophy is simple. The cost should be the cost, pretty straightforward.  I’m not trying to say that we have it 100% right, but we are saying that buyers should look closely at shipping costs.  There are lots of wines out there for sale, and lots of places list them for very little while others list them for a little more.  If you see a price too good to be true, it usually is.

Rob and I know the other factor, convenience is equally big.  The adult signature required for wine shipments can sometimes present a problem so we’re working on a solution straight through our store. Soon you’ll have an opportunity to request your delivery date, change your delivery date or have the wine held at will call if you cannot accept a shipment that day, for whatever reason.  All the flexibility is there. We’ll be telling you more about it next week.  In the meantime, we’d appreciate your feedback- let us know if you learned something new, forward this post to a friend, or give me a shout out on Twitter- @dandanwineman.

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