Wine Gifts & Celebrating

Everyone loves to celebrate.  I hate to open a blog post making an overarching generalization, but let’s be realistic- we all love to cut loose in our own way.  For many of us, celebrations usually consist of some sort of gathering with wine and friends.  We’ve gotten some questions from clients and prospective clients recently on how to proceed for celebrations and gifts.  I think many people typically associate Champagne with celebrating, although we are getting more requests for other items.  I also had a personal problem recently, I wanted to find a great wine to celebrate a wedding… Still or sparkling wine?  I went to Google, of course, to settle the debate existentially and to guide our clients in an appropriate direction, but there wasn’t much out there.

I found a few articles quoting Sommeliers and I talked to experts in the business.  This is what I came up with: as a general, for toasting any occasion, nothing beats a sparkling wine (usually Champagne.)  From there, however, do what seems right.  If you have a client, friend, or family member that doesn’t drink white wine, a Blanc de Blanc may be an odd choice.  Opting for a great red is more than appropriate in that instance.  People also often gravitate towards items that can sit for 1, 5, or 10 years to drink on an anniversary of a special occasion (closing on a house, Wedding etc.)  Be sure you know the tastes of those you are buying for, however, as a Barolo may not fly well for a Chianti/Brunello drinker.  Furthermore, if your gift is for someone a little less than patient it would behoove you to buy something ready to drink now.  With a little information at your disposal, it’s easy to pick what suits the occasion.

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