Veal, Vegetables, Rollotini

When a wine is very good, it doesn’t always need to be expensive.  Look no further than Montepulciano D’Abruzzo.  Whether it is the Vignetti we carry, or another, the wine is very good and always very reasonably priced.  

When I was in Sicily this summer I went a local butcher in a small sea town called Castellemare del Golfo every other day.  The meats were veal, lamb or chicken and the quality and pricing were just superb.  The old world skill of the butcher was only second to his comical and charming personality.  I purchased veal cutlets a few times and they were the most delicious pieces of veal.  SO, I decided to replicate the meal here at home.

First I went to a butcher and asks for veal and they only had cutlets already sliced and pounded, they wanted almost $40 pound.  I asked if he was crazy, probably slightly rude.  I went to 2 other grocery stores and could not find any veal.  Finally I went to Shoprite and found 3 packages of veal, large cuts with a lot of bone, but it was all I could find and it was only $6.99 pound.  I bought all 3 packages.  

Once at home I cut out all of the bone while trying to leave as much intact as possible.  I then sliced the veal into ½ to ¾ inch slices and placed each piece between two plastic bags.  Using a large square hammer, called a tenderizer, I began to pound the meat.  It was amazing how much the pieces grew in surface area and how thin they became.  When I was done with all, I had about 15 cutlets from only 1.5 pounds of meat after the bones were removed.  I was really surprised how far it went.

Next I heated a steel skillet with about ½” of olive oil.  While heating, I dipped the cutlets in egg then bread crumbs.  The bread crumbs I made earlier with leftover bread and a food processor.  It’s the best way, no preservatives or additives.  Once the oil was heated, I put the cutlets in the oil.   They cooked about 3 minutes on each side, then removed and drained on paper towels.  

An hour later, after they cooled, I rolled ricotta and mozzarella into the veal, creating veal rollotini.  I placed the rolls into a baking pan then covered with red sauce and baked for 30 – 45 minutes  on medium heat.  

We also made number of vegetables and sides, but this was the main meal and OMG was it incredible.  Not quite as good as what I made in Sicily, but it was excellent.  Unfortunately my kids ate all of it within 10 minutes and they asked why I made so few.  Can you imagine, they should have gone to try and find veal themselves….  We had a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and it was absolutely PERFETTO!

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