Tres Palacios Family Vintage Cabernet Sauvignon

Tres Palacios is a family owned winery that is located in the Cholqui sector of the Maipo Valley, Chile.  They make a number of fantastic wines, my personal favorite is their Family Vintage  Cabernet Sauvignon.Tres ps Family

This 100% Cabernet Sauvignon comes from the oldest vines in the Tres Palacios vineyard.  These vines produce low yields, which in turn makes great grapes with tons of character.  The grapes are hand-picked and fermented in stainless steel vats.  The wine is then aged in French oak for ten months, then another year in the bottle before release.  

The wine exemplifies the terroir in which it is grown, with fresh red fruit and spice on the nose, followed by raspberry and strawberry on the palate.  The finish is smooth with nicely integrated tannins and earth.  The use of French oak complements the wine, adding structure and elegance.

Tres Palacios Family Vintage Cabernet is a great example of a boutique wine, and a great value at $14.99.  The  first time I tried this wine I was completely blown away with the quality, and complexity that came from this reasonably priced bottle.  Anyone who likes California Cab’s is sure to love this wine, and at half the price of comparable wines.

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