The VinoVin Members Club!

Rob and I have noticed that as a general rule the wines listed online don’t always offer the value they should.  In fact, when you include shipping (which can get costly) you’re usually paying more. The other big challenge is that you can track your package, but don’t have control over when it arrives.  VinoVin to the rescue.

We’re proud to announce the VinoVin Members Club, an exclusive club that provides 10% off on every order throughout the year on unlimited purchases* plus the ability to have your shipment held at will call at UPS if you have a change in your schedule.

The VinoVin Members Club will cost $99.00 starting July 14th, however, we’re offering exclusive sign-up right now for only $59.00, which means you only need to order wine a few times a year to really take advantage.

How It works:
Click below to buy your yearly membership.  After buying, you’ll receive your very own specialized discount code for 10% OFF on all items for 1 full year, starting at the date of your sign-up.  You can contact us for your order, or put it in on your own.  You’ll be able to include your delivery date request in the notes section of your order, or simply by emailing us at

The price will automatically go up on July 14th, so you should definitely act quickly.



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