Sunday Lunch

A gathering of our growing family, once a week, where we bicker, share laughter, stories, and catch up on everyday life, coined by us as “Sunday Lunch”.

Sunday Lunch is a very special time I look forward to each week.  Our immediate family including 4 children, one spouse, brother in law and a grandmother, plus periodic showings by friends, relatives and girlfriends.  We include at least 8 people each week.

Most Sunday’s  begin with a visit to various supermarkets to pick up the essential ingredients for Sunday Lunch.  Upon arrival home I turn on the music, open and decant multiple bottles of wine to be served with lunch and begin to prep the food for our feast.  It usually takes 2 – 4 hours to prepare and cook our meal and people start arriving between 1 and 2 pm.  It begins with a cacophony of banter and play fighting between our eldest who is married and our youngest, who has to prove he is finally stronger than she.

The first to arrive is my wife’s brother, the only early arrival, ever.  My mother shows up exactly in time to sit down, not a moment earlier and the married children, well they have yet to learn to read a clock!

Once all have arrived, we usually start around 2:30.  Often we squeeze around the kitchen table but on occasion when we hit 9-10 people we move to the dining room.  Meals vary in style and selection but Italian food is predominant, given my penchant for loving everything Italian.  We eat, drink, laugh and chit chat for a few hours.  The meal is always large as anyone could expect in an Italian home, complete with homemade desserts and espresso, more often than not followed by a digestivo such as Amaro.

Throughout this blog, we will recant not only our fun filled afternoons, but focus on the foods we prepare and eat.  We will include recipes and videos as often as possible, as  my son has become quite the videographer.  We will talk about the food in detail,  the wine (of course!) we have chosen to drink with this meal.  Why did we choose this wine?  What makes it so perfect a match for not only the meal but for us?  We hope everyone reading this blog will come to see that wine is a big of every Italian household meal.  There will be pictures and pictures of the food, the wine and wonderful deserts, which are prepared by my wife,  which are often times even gluten free (though you may be surprised when you see it.)  We may even include stories of various European visits, which almost always revolve around food and wine.

The most important take-away I hope everyone gets from this blog, will be to convey what a short time we spend on this planet. I think the most important anyone can do in life is  to slow down, take a breather and just sit, relax and laugh with the most precious part of your life, your family…  or as we say in Italian, La Famiglia!     

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