Restaurant Wine Lists

A quick and dirty aside on restaurant wine lists.  I was in a restaurant today and saw a great wine list, full of choices.  A few items stood out to me, including a 2009 Brunello di Montalcino for $135.

If this is your kind of wine, I would never discourage anyone from drinking what they enjoy.  That said, a $135 bottle of Brunello from 2009 is not necessarily money well spent.  We’ve talked a lot in our blogs about the value of vintage.  That 2009 Brunello simply is not ready to drink and is from a vintage that is by no means phenomenal.  If the bottle was from an incredible producer, and the year was 2024 instead I would say this is a good value.

Again, since this is quick and dirty.  Our votes on wine lists for restaurants- stick with major wine producing regions like Napa, Sonoma, Willamette Valley, Columbia Valley, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Piedmont, Tuscany, and Rioja.  Stick in reasonable price ranges and focus on what you love.  That’s a quick and dirty aside on restaurant wine lists!

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