Italian Wine Travel: Nemi and Prosecco

One summer my wife and I were visiting Rome, spending the day with a close friend. After an hour or so of catching up he suggested we take a drive outside of Rome. As we approached this quaint village built around a beautiful lake, we took in the beautiful views which included bright red wild strawberries everywhere!nemi

The town is called Nemi, a picturesque Village, chock full of wild strawberries growing wild. Apparently Nemi has a micro climate and is built on the side of an ancient volcano which provides the perfect conditions for these delicious strawberries. Our friend said it was the season for wild berries in Nemi, the month of June, and we had to experience it since we were here. Fragola di bosco, wild strawberries, are allowed to be picked and eaten and every restaurant and cafe served everything strawberry during this period. We sat at an open air cafe overlooking the lake. My wife and I had a local favorite which was similar to strawberry shortcake, topped with strawberry ice cream and pana, or fresh unsweetened cream. All strawberries were freshly picked and had an amazing sweetness I have never tasted in any commercially farmed berry, before or since. Our friend suggested we try a Prosecco, which is a mild white wine, this one not too sweet so it complimented the sweet desert, with a slight effervescence. I had never had a Prosecco and have also never tasted one so delicious since, probably because of the atmosphere.
TrevisoThere are different types of Prosecco, some sweeter than others, so choose accordingly.


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