Coombsville, Up and Coming AVA in Napa Valley

It may be unusual for some readers to learn this, but for others, it may be common knowledge.  Napa is probably one of the only areas in the U.S. whose appellations are actually distinctive in terms of terroir.  Coombsville was recognized as an AVA (American Viticultural Area) in 2011.  The valley itself is a bit like a bowl shape, with terroir featuring rocky volcanic soil, little groundwater, and temperate weather in comparison with many other areas of Napa.

Why care about Coombsville? Look no further than the top wine in Paul Hobbs portfolio, a single-vineyard Cabernet that goes for $349.  The region is poised to produce some of the best Cabs in Napa, which is a bold statement.  The climate allows grapes to ripen later into the season and more slowly than other regions, holding acidity and balancing the fruit.   Keep an eye out on this region as the wines here will get more notice as time goes on.


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