2015 Southern California Vintage Preview

I added a blog post recently on the Northern California vintage for 2015, but a quick recap of that post (or you can read it here)- winemakers expect that it will still be a great vintage despite the droughts this summer, and that trend seems to hold true for Southern California as well.

Yields are down significantly this year, about only half of what they were in 2013.  The fruit produced this season has gone through considerable hardship, which for grapes just like the rest of nature means only the strong survive.  The grapes are smaller this year than years past, combined with the lower yield ensures maximal quality in each grape.

There is one cause for concern that veteran winemakers and growers are saying not to worry about- the vintage ripened very early this year, like several weeks earlier.  The veteran winemakers and growers again assure that this will not impact the quality.  There is speculation by some that early ripening can affect flavor development, although that should not be a concern. Overall the 2015 vintage should be expected to really highlight Southern California Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  Other pros are saying to keep an eye out and stock the cellar with 2015. Consumers can expect price fluctuations for the 2015 vintage, given that the supply is lower and the quality may prove to be very good.

We will keep you posted for more!

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